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Hi I'm Alison

I love every aspect of my career. I get very excited when a designer sends me Look Books to choose the next seasons gowns. I can't wait to share the "Just Arrived" styles with my clients via my Facebook and Instagram pages. I am like a child at Christmas when they start to arrive in stock!!

But of course, the ultimate pleasure is when my lovely clients try the gowns on....the smile on their face when they have found the perfect gown. It is a reaction I will never get tired of seeing.

I am truly dedicated to providing a high-quality service and complete customer satisfaction; therefore, I will always do everything I can to meet your expectations.

I have worked in the Bridal wear industry since 1990. Starting with a fabrics company where I learnt just about all there is to know about how fabrics move, and how it effects the look and structure of a garment. I found it truly fascinating.

My journey took me to Confetti & Lace in the UK. I had over 9 amazing years working with Christine Dando. Her knowledge and passion inspired me every day.

During those years I worked with thousands of brides and bridesmaids. Helping each client find the perfect gown for her big day. But my job didn't end there. I also did the fittings, worked on hundreds of gowns, and so many shows I lost count.

Speaking to designers and drawing from their knowledge and ideas gave me such an insight the the industry....There are no set rules, go with your heart and create!!!!! It was a massive continuation to my dressmaking skills.

I was very proud to be part of the winning team for Bridal Retailer of the Year in 2002.

Not so proud of my hair cut at the time....that's me on the far right (previous surname Fellows).

It's true that during those years I have created, fitted and altered over one thousand gowns. I gained a vast amount of experience working for and with other people. It has been a huge part of my career. But it was time to move to the next stage. So in 2011 Alison PS Designs officially was born.

Being part of anaward winning team

In July 2021 my business name changed to Alison PS Gowns.

This is because I no longer have time to design bespoke gowns. It was a big decision but definitely the right one. My focus is now on promoting great designers' gowns. It is a very exciting chapter in the growth of my business.


The Alison PS Gowns Studio

When you arrive, you will be forgiven in thinking you are coming to a normal house. But when you step through the front door, you walk straight into the studio and discover a world of elegance and beauty.

The carefully curated collection of gowns and dresses is sure to impress even the most discerning shopper.

I hate feeling crowded when I shop for clothes, so the studio has been well designed with just two changing rooms...therefore only 2 bookings at a time.

It also means I am always on hand to offer advice and fit each gown to you during your appointment.

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