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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Alison PS Gowns located?
    The studio is in the front of our house in Port Kennedy. Don't worry, you don't actually come into our family space...we live at the back.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Business hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm. Saturdays 10am - 1pm. Sundays Closed.
  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    Yes you do. All clients are seen by prior booking. No walk-ins. This is to ensure I can give you my full attention. There are many ways to make a booking. The best way is from this website. There are links to the online booking at the top and bottom of each page.
  • How long is a booking slot?
    It depends on the reason for your booking. If it is your first visit and therefore potentially trying on up to 10 gowns, you will need to book a 1 hour appointment. Select "Find my perfect Gown" when booking online. If you have been in before and just need to retry a gown or fascinator, it is best to book a 30 min appointment. Select "Retry/Quick Visit" when booking online. Although you do not need to book a changing room to collect a gown, I ask that you contact me prior to arrange a time. This will ensure I can have the gown ready and serve you correctly.
  • What size range do you stock?
    I stock gowns from sizes 2 - 30. However not all designers make gowns in those sizes.
  • What is your price range?
    Gowns to buy range from $99 - $1700. Hire Me gowns range from $50 - $300. Clearance gowns start at $20.
  • Do you have a loyalty scheme?
    Yes I do, and it's a lovely one. Loyalty Member - Loyalty members get 10% OFF all gowns from your 2nd full priced gown purchase! Your second and third full priced gown purchase will have 10% deducted. Each gown must be purchased within 12 months of the previous gown. Each gown cannot be purchased the same week as the previous gown. The discount does not apply to sale gowns. The discount does not apply to accessories. The first discounted gown cannot be claimed on the same week as your first purchase. Each gown purchase must be for yourself. You cannot share membership with anyone else. VIP Member - VIP members get 20% OFF all gowns from your 4th full priced gown purchase. VIP's will get 20% OFF all gowns including sale gowns at any time. VIP Birthday Bonus - $50 Store Credit All VIP Members will receive $50 Store credit the month before their birthday. This credit can be used against any gown purchase over $200. The credit is valid for 12 months from issue. The credit cannot be used against accessories or alterations. The credit cannot be used by anyone other than the birthday girls' own gown purchase. Information needed to become a Loyalty or VIP member is never shared with any other company or organisation. To join either membership, you will need to provide your name, mobile number and month of birth for VIP Birthday Bonus members.
  • Do you only stock branded gowns?
    Yes I do. I am proud to be a stockist of gowns from some of the best Australian, American and European designers. The full list of designers can be found on the Home page.
  • Do you control how many of the same gown is sold or hired to the same event?
    Yes I do. Some gowns are very popular and are available in up to 24 colours. You wouldn't want to arrive at an event and see that many women in the same gown. So I keep a list of every event that a gown is sold/hired to. I will only allow 2 of the same gown, but in different colours to be sold/ hired to that particular event. Obviously, I cannot control gowns that have been brought elsewhere, but what I do will reduce the risk of to many people wearing the same gown. And if someone else is in the same gown as you.... take it as a compliment in good taste!!
  • Can I buy a gown off the rack?
    Yes, there are over 400 gowns in stock for immediate purchase off the rack. You can pay in full and take it away with you or put the gown on lay-by.
  • How can I pay for my gown?
    You can pay instore by debit or credit card via eftpos, by cash. Or via bank transfer if you have a gown on layby.
  • Can I put a gown on Lay-by?
    Yes, you can. Gowns can go on lay-by with a 50% deposit. The remaining balance can be paid by instalments, or as a lump sum...whatever is easier for you. If you are paying by instalments, please pay a min of $50 each time until your final payment. You cannot collect a gown until it is paid in full. Although you do not need to book a changing room to collect a gown, I ask that you contact me prior to arrange a time. This will ensure I can have the gown ready and serve you correctly.
  • How do I order a gown?
    A gown can be ordered in for you once we have determined the correct size and colour. You will need to pay a 50% deposit to process the order. You will be given an approximate delivery date for the gown to arrive in store. It will not be delivered to your home. Once it arrives, you will be contacted to book a fitting and pay the balance. Please note - Ordered gowns may have slight colour variations from the swatch, or stock gown. It is also possible, that in the case of orders for multiple gowns in different sizes.... for example, bridesmaid's, there may be a slight colour variation from each other. This is out of Alison PS Gowns control and is to be expected.
  • Do you only sell new gowns?
    Yes. All the gowns are new and direct from the designers. I do not sell pre-loved gowns (other than ex-hire stock).
  • What happens if the condition of the gown isn't perfect?
    All gowns are tried on before they are sold off the rack or collected, so it is the responsibility of the purchaser to point out any marks or damage before collection. In the case of any marks or damage being found, Alison PS Gowns may offer a replacement gown or repair the gown or offer a discount for the original gown.
  • What about Clearance and Sale gowns?
    Clearance and sale gowns are reduced in price for several reasons. They may be discontinued colours, end of line styles, older stock or minor damage. Clearance and sale gowns cannot be put on lay-by.
  • What happens if I change my mind once I have brought a gown?
    In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, we are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. However, there are other options that I am happy to provide. If the gown is on lay-by, you can cancel the gown and transfer the money paid onto another gown or the funds can be held as a credit note for future use. Credit notes have no end date. If you change your mind on a gown that has been ordered in especially for you, it is at the discretion of Alison PS Gowns to offer an alternative gown or credit note. If you change your mind once you have taken the gown home, no offer to exchange or credit will be made.
  • Do you offer an alteration service?
    Unfortunately I no longer offer an alteration service...simply not enough hours in the day! When you purchase a gown, you will be given a 10% discount card to use at Pin Up Alterations at the Warnbro shopping centre.
  • What is the hire period?
    There are two hire periods. Standard hire is from 9.30 am Thursday to 5.30pm the next Monday. Extended hire is from 9.30am Wednesday to 5.30pm the next Tuesday. Extended hire has a 50% added hire fee.
  • What is the bond?
    All gowns are hired with a bond attached. This is a sum of money equal to the hire fee that is returned to you once the gown is returned. There are deductions taken from the bond if the contract is broken in any way. Full details are on the form that you complete when book the gown.
  • When do I pay for a Hire Me gown?
    You pay the hire fee when you sign the contract. The bond is paid on the day you collect the gown.
  • Do I have to clean the Hire Me gown before it is returned?
    No. If you or your dry cleaner damage the gown whilst cleaning it, you would be responsible for the cost of the gown. I expect gowns to be worn for the event, so I also expect minor sweat, makeup, food or drink and a dusty hem. These do not usually affect your bond, so please don't worry about it.
  • How do I book a Hire Me gown?
    That is nice and simple and only takes a few minutes. Once you have tried on and chosen your Hire Me gown, you will need to complete the hire contract instore. You can take photos of the gown if that helps with choosing your accessories.
  • What is Hire Consignment?
    Quite simply you make money by giving me your gown to hire out to other clients. Each time your gown is hired out, you get paid a percentage.
  • What gowns are acceptable?
    Any formal gown will be considered....Bridal, Ball, Black Tie, Cocktail, as long as it meets the strict criteria below. 1 - The gown must be in excellent condition. 2 - The gown must not be more than 3 years old. 3 - The gown must have proof of purchase or current value so a hire consignment fee can be created. 4 - The gown must be from a designer I already stock.
  • How can I add my gown to the Hire Consignment range?
    Firstly email images and details of your gown to Images must show front, back, designer label, size and proof of purchase or value. Please explain in detail the condition of the gown. If you have had any alterations done to it etc. If I am happy to consider your gown, you will be invited to bring your gown in for a closer inspection. Once I have seen the gown and am happy to add it to the range, you will be asked to complete a Hire Consignment contract.
  • How much will I earn from my gown?
    You will earn 1/3rd of the standard Hire Me fee each time the gown is hired out. The percentage is based on the fact that I will do everything for you. I will do the admin, marketing etc. Clients come to me not you. I process all hired out gowns including cleaning after each hire. You can sit back and watch the money come in.
  • What are the risks?
    Like with any Hire Me gown, there is a risk that your gown may be damaged. This is why all gowns are hired out with a bond attached. Please read the Hire Me section of the FAQ page for more information regarding the bond. The main risk to consider as the owner of the gown, is if the gown is damaged beyond repair or not returned. In either case the most you will receive is the percentage of the hire fee and the full bond. There is no additional compensation awarded. To date, this has never happened and is highly unlikely to happen. But it is a possibility that you must consider. The other risks are down to the gown's popularity. The more times it is hired out, the more likely it will deteriorate. The gown is cleaned after each hire, so embellishments may be lost or damaged over time. Most gowns will earn their full original value or more, so the risk is well worth the reward.
  • When do I get paid?
    Since clients have the option to cancel a Hire Me gown, you will be paid once your gown has been returned from it's hire date. You can normally expect to receive your percentage within 3 days of the gown's return via bank transfer.
  • If I change my mind, can I withdraw my gown?
    Yes, you can cancel your contract at any time and withdraw your gown as long as there are no bookings still to be completed. If there are future bookings, the gown will be taken off the Hire Me rail and website and will only be available to the client that has already booked to hire it. After that time, you can come and collect your gown and the contract will be cancelled.
  • Can I sell my gown through you?
    Hire Me gowns are often sold if they do not have any bookings against them. In this case a fixed price will be agreed and put in your contract. I will always ask you for permission first as you may be happy to continue to earn more money from the hire consignment instead.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    Please refer to the details on your chosen style for the correct size and not just assume you are the same size with every design. If you order the wrong size, you can return it to be exchanged for the correct size. However, you will have to pay the postage, so it is definitely a good idea to double check your measurements or contact me before you place the order.
  • How accurate are the colours?
    Unfortunately, online images are never 100% true. Computers and phones can slightly change the image tones. Thankfully from my experience, the difference isn't usually far off. But if you are not happy with the colour when the gown arrives, you can send it back for a replacement.
  • When will I get my order?
    Most orders are dispatched within 4 days of the order being processed. This means you can expect your order to arrive between 1 - 3 weeks. Your parcel will be tracked to your door. If you are not in, the parcel will be taken to the nearest Auspost collection point.
  • What is your online store refund policy?
    You cannot have a refund if you change your mind, however if you are not happy with the gown due to its fit, or it is faulty, you can return if for a full refund of the product price as long as it meets the following criteria. The gown must returned within 14 days of purchase. The gown must have all tags, and in an unworn condition. This means there cannot be any make up, stains, odour or marks on the gown. If the gowns shows signs of being worn for more than a few minutes to try it on, the return may be refused. You are responsible for the return costs. Please make sure you get the parcel tracked to ensure no loss along the way.

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